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Walking the Labyrinth Meditation

MindSpanse Guided Meditation - Craig Kaufman

While traveling in Arizona some 20 years ago, I was introduced to my first labyrinth meditation walk. I did not realize that labyrinths are not mazes at all, but have a single path, intricately wound that leads to the center and back out again. Intererestly, people have been walking the labyrinths to achieve a meditative state going back thousands of years.

This particular labyrinth was set up using small stones in the sand. It was not a large area, maybe a 30 foot circle and the path wound up and back and around towards the center.

Under the instruction of my meditation teacher, I was encouraged to walk slowly, feel each step, breathe and try to engage all my senses.

At first, it felt a bit awkward getting into the exercise, but after 5 minutes or so, my mind suddenly released and I became deeply connected to each moment. I felt uniquely present moving slower and slower as I settled into a therapeutic rhythm with my deepening breaths and mindful steps. I stayed for over an hour and felt calm, energized and extremely focused.

The power and value of that experience was truely meaningful to my practice and I started adopting a visualization of this path into my meditation. Over time I have evolved this exercise into a more simple circle with several different ground textures along the trail to help draw me more quickly into a deeper state. I am excited to publish this personal favorite meditation so I can share it with you.

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Have an amazing day.

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