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Learn To Let Go of Attachments

Craig Kaufman Healing Meditation

Throughout our life, we build autonomous reactions to deal with different types of stress and anxiety. While these constructs can be helpful at times, often we subconsciously use these constructs across a broad array of situations that make no sense and lead to even more stress and dysfunction.

Over time, the layers of stress and related new constructs can manifest as insomnia, poor relationships, or even physical pain.

My latest meditation attempts to help you learn to better identify these subconscious constructs and then how to release them.

By learning to live more in neutral awareness, enjoying the moments of ups and downs like waves, but not allowing yourself to be defined by them and not allowing constructs to form, you can greatly reduce stress and improve your overall sense of peace and happiness.

I developed this guided meditation for letting go over many years, pulling from different meditative techniques and practices around the world.

Through the practice of this meditation exercise, as with anything, you will become better over time. You will be able to notice when you are using constructs, so that you can let go of them and look at each situation in its own moment.

Be patient with yourself.

I hope you find this guided meditation helpful and wish you an amazing day!

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