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Meditation and Health in 2018

Craig Kaufman Healing Meditation

It is well documented that practicing meditation reduces stress. In is also well known that prolonged elevated stress levels in the body can lead to heart disease, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, headaches and the list goes on. Basically, prolonged elevated stress is BAD and we know that a consistent meditation practice can help reduce that.

What is not well understood is the use of meditative practices to specifically engage your mind/body to actively improve its own defense and healing systems.

We know that meditative visualization techniques work to train and engage the body to improve performance for athletes. So why would you not be able to apply similar practices to your health.

Of course there are many cultures that practice meditative healing for 1000's of years and today, people around the world including myself believe these meditative techniques can be a helpful addition to modern medicinal practices.

I developed this guided meditation for healing over many years, pulling from different meditative techniques and cultural practices around the world.

This meditation is a visualization exercise to channel internal and universal energy to help strengthen your immune system and specifically target areas of dysfunction in your body for cleansing and healing.

Through the practice of this meditation exercise, as with anything, you will become better over time. You will be able to raise the amount of energy you can take in and become more agile at maneuvering it throughout your body for healing.

Be patient with yourself.

I hope you find this guided meditation helpful and wish you an amazing day!

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