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  • Craig Kaufman

How to Improve Your Clarity, Energy and Focus

Many of us struggle with the inability to focus.

Our busy lives are filled with electronics, multitasking and competing priorities, so it's no wonder that attention deficit is on the rise. Even for the most disciplined individuals, incremental improvement in focus can yield valuable results.

While our inability to focus seems to stem from just having too many things to do, the more likely cause is a lack of clarity of vision.

If you really knew exactly where you were going, you would be able to choose and execute on the things that moved you towards your goal, and de-prioritize those that don't.

With clarity, we are decisive, and when decisive, we empower our actions with great energy and intention and thus, results are likely to be favorable.

When indecisive, we are weak in our actions and therefore results are less likely to be favorable.

So developing a crystal clear vision of your path, will allow your sense of focus to rise naturally as a result of decisive energetic actions.

As a long time meditator and entrepreneur, I know how powerful it is to have a clear vision, which, in turn, drives laser focus towards achieving goals.

To help me attain a higher level of clarity, I developed some meditation and visualization exercises that really work for me and should help you too.

So If you think you could benefit from improved vision, energy and focus, then sit back and enjoy the guided meditation below that I use regularly to supercharge my performance with passion, energy, focus and intention.

You can enjoy our other guided meditations for free on the MindSpanse YouTube Channel or you can pay a small charge to download the mediations on the MindSpanse Website.

I wish you a truly amazing day.

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