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  • Craig Kaufman

Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

Tree of Wisdom by Craig Kaufman

Why is it that we are so capable of offering wise advice to our friends in their time of need, yet when faced with our own challenges we completely lose the clarity of vision and wisdom.

When we examine potential solutions to our own problems, we play out the endless whatif scenarios in our mind, often to the point where doing nothing seems a better course of action then facing the deep fear of the unknown.

It would be easy to say that the advice we give to our friends does not come with a sense of responsibility, but that is usually not the case. We care about our friends and family and truly give them advice that we believe to be in their best interest.

So how can we connect to this inner wisdom and more importantly learn to trust it and act on it.

In this guided meditation, I will take you to the top of a great mountain where we will practice a simple exercise to improve your skills in taking your own advice. I have practiced this meditation for over a decade and can tell you that it has helped me incredibly and I am happy to share it with you.

Please share it if you find it useful and all comments are deeply appreciated.

Have an amazing day.

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